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IPHE Country Update: May 2016

Name: Cosmas Chiteme
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Covered Period: January 2016 – April 2016

New Policy Initiatives on Clean Technologies and Clean Energy (Read more)

No major policy decisions have been made on hydrogen and fuel cell technology (HFC) during the reporting period. However, a process has been initiated with the Department of Environmental Affairs to include HFC as part of the technologies to consider for Climate Change Mitigation. A multi-stakeholder forum involving government, industry and the Mining sector has been set up to develop a fuel cell roadmap for South Africa with the objective of aligning current and future activities in the sector.

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell R&D Update (Read more)   

The HySA Centres of Competence have each progressed well in technology development through the development of specific components targeted at developing cost effective membrane electrode assembly and metal hydride storage material, which is being demonstrated in the forklift. With support from industry, the HySA Centres are also doing research on liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC).

Demonstration and Deployments Update (Read more)

The Department of Science and Technology facilitated the deployment of the first fuel cell powered forklift in the country and the related refuelling infrastructure at the Impala Platinum Refineries in Springs, which was launched by the Minister of Science and Technology on 31 March 2016. The Department, Impala Platinum and HySA committed to further collaboration and deployments.

Events and Solicitations (Read more)

The Department of Science and Technology was one of several key organisations from South Africa that participated in the Energy Storage tour to the USA from 18-29 April 2016. The Energy Storage tour was organised and sponsored by the US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) as part of a reverse Trade Mission. The tour involved site visits in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Charlotte and Washington DC. There are also plans to attend the Japanese Fuel Cell Expo in 2017.

Investments: Government and Collaborative Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Funding (Read more)  

The HySA Programme received funding of R81.4 million (~USD5.4 million) from the government through the Department of Science and Technology. An additional amount of R34 million (USD2.2 million) was leveraged from other Programmes within the Department to give a combined total of USD7.6 million. The amount has been severely affected by the exchange rate. In-kind support has been received from the Private Sector. Support in cash will be reconciled in time for the next meeting.

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