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IPHE Country Update: April 2017

Name: Katarzyna Drabicka
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Covered Period: November 2016 - April 2017

New Policy Initiatives on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (Read more)

In November 2016, the European Commission adopted the package of legislative proposals called Clean Energy for All Europeans that implements the EU energy and climate policy post 2020. This package is now being analysed by the European Parliament and the Council. All documents are available here:

The following elements are relevant for FCH technologies:

The Commission Staff Working Document on Electricity Storage (> has ample consideration of the role of H2 as storage medium, within not only the electricity system, but also its unique potential for ‘Sector Coupling’.

Integrated Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) ( Work continues on the 10 focus areas including preparation of implementation plans. There has been significant interest shown, mainly by the steel and chemical industry, in the use of electrolytic hydrogen under Action 6: Energy Efficiency and Competitiveness of Industry

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell R&D Update (Read more)   

Study on "Early Business Cases for Power-to-Hydrogen in Europe" procured by the FCH 2 JU will be finalised by mid-2017. (NB: The focus of the study is on short-term (2017-2025) economic opportunities under the existing (or realistically anticipated) market conditions.)

Study on "Business models and financing arrangements for stationary fuel cells" is also almost complete. It focuses on defining concrete market entry strategies that can enable stakeholders to unlock the market opportunity for stationary fuel cells in Europe. Once completed, the outcomes of both studies will be shared with IPHE members.

International outreach for JRC-led harmonisation of test approaches for fuel cells for automotive applications: US-DoE involvement through national labs (LANL, NREL, ANL) together with industry (GM, Ford, Ballard) in the establishment of a harmonised test hardware.

2nd plenary meeting CEN-CENELEC TC6 Hydrogen Energy Systems (November 2016) decided on a distribution of work and work structure: (JRC liaison)

  • WG 1: Terms and Definitions
  • WG 2: Guarantees of Origin
  • Ad hoc group 1: Safety – Use of Hydrogen in the Public Domain
  • Ad hoc group 2: Interface Electrolyser to the e-grid
  • Joint ad hoc group 3 (with CEN TC 234): Interface to the Gas Grid

CEN/TC 234 Workshop on hydrogen in natural gas (H2NG) took place on 29.03.17 (JRC liaison)

Demonstration and Deployments Update (Read more)

Three flagship projects of note under the umbrella of the FCH 2 JU are:

All launched at the beginning of 2017.

Events and Solicitations (Read more)

The 2017 Call for Proposals of the FCH 2 JU was published in January 2017 ( EUR 116 M are earmarked for financing 24 topics across transport, energy and cross-cutting pillars.

The FCH 2 JU in cooperation with Shift2Rail JTI will organise a workshop on FCH technologies in the rail sector on 15/05/2017 in Brussels. More information available here:

The FCH 2 JU is organising a workshop on on Maritime and port applications in Valencia, Spain on 15-16/06/2017. More information can be found here:

December 2016: JRC-ISO TC 197 Strategic Planning Meeting "H2@Market" with two topics: Multi-Fuel Stations and Power to Large Scale Hydrogen – a report is being prepared. There is an increasing global interest for multi-fuel stations

Investments: Government and Collaborative Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Funding (Read more)  

The total budget of the FCH 2 JU for the period 2014-2020 is EUR 665 M, or on average EUR 95 M/year, covering R&I activities.

Beyond FCH 2 JU, other EU instruments such as TEN-T/CEF or H2020 (Energy Challenge, SME instrument etc.) do provide some ancillary financing. However, this financing is on competitive basis (where FCH have to compete with other technologies). As a result, we estimate the EU level funding for FCH technologies at some EUR 100 M/year on average in the 2014-2020 timeframe.

Regulations, Codes & Standards Update (


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