An International Vision for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

The IPHE, established in 2003, is an international inter-governmental partnership whose objective is to facilitate and accelerate the transition to clean and efficient energy and mobility systems using fuel cells and hydrogen (FCH) technologies. It provides a forum for sharing information on policies and technology status, as well as on initiatives, codes, and standards to accelerate the cost-effective transition to the use of FCH in the economy. IPHE also informs stakeholders and the public on the benefits of, and challenges to, establishing widespread commercial FCH systems in the economy. Each of the following partner countries has committed to collaborating to advance the commercialization of FCH technologies in an effort to enhance the security and efficiency of their energy systems, to help address environmental objectives, and to grow the economy:

Australia Australia Germany Germany Netherlands Netherlands
Austria Austria Iceland Iceland Norway Norway
Brazil Brazil India India Russia Russian Federation
Canada Canada Italy Italy South Africa Republic of South Africa
China China Japan Japan United Kingdom United Kingdom
European Commission European Commission Korea Republic of Korea Unted States United States
France France

IPHE Joins in Celebrating Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day

2016 Summary Report: Policy Developments and Initiatives for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in IPHE Partner Countries and Region

The IPHE Communiqué outlines global opportunities for the implementation of FCH technologies: IPHE Communiqué (PDF 694KB)